Welcome to MADdev Crew


We are a creative group
of people who are bringing
back maps for
Pokèmon Go.

How it works

We are developing two different kinds of scanner.
For each of them you need a rooted android phone with our apps installed.
The server software is coded in Python and is free to download.

OCR based scanner

ocr OCR (optical character recognition) detects eggs and raids by screen capturing from a phone. You can send the information via webhooks to 3th party platforms or submit all this to a Rocketmap or Monocle based frontend.
You need some informations like gymname, gymimages and locations to run this method. You can use existing informations or scrap from a 3th party.

Overlay scanner

overlay This scanner uses your phone as full worker for different types of scanners. Scan your area for gyms, stops and mons. Multidevice is supported to scan wider areas with more then one device.

This type of scanning is bringing back maps as you know it.
OCR - Free to use (OpenSource) Visit GitHub
Overlay - donation based Check Prices

What you need

Android rooted device


OS with Python support


sample-imageSetup our Python based server system and configure the walker/scanner settings. You can use a compatible existing database, start a fresh database with init scan (overlay scanner only) or collate the information from 3th parties manually. The android phone connects to the server and receives the commands. Subsequently, the data (depending on the scanner type) is received and processed to your database for use via existing frontends, bots and other tools.
Sounds easy - lets start today!


rooted Android device with supported Pogo version
Windows/Linux/MAC based server system with python3 support
An existing or new Rocketmap / Monocle database
Fun and stamina to get everything working


OCR based scanner is free for use. You can use it out of the box with your old databases.
Overlay scanner is not available for free, but will be billed based on number of mobile phones. Due to the ongoing development and maintenance of the project, the Overlay scanner is available to supporters via a donation based system with different tiers available for scalability. We want to support the Pogo community with our tools but we need your support to do so!

Box Devices IV overlay* price / month
OCR scanner 1 free
Full scanner 1 $ 3.89
Scanner Bundle 1 1 $ 2.00
Scanner Bundle 2 3 $ 5.00
Scanner Bundle 3 10 $ 18.00
Scanner Bundle 4 50 $ 80.00
(* getting Mon IVs on catchscreen (not needed for mapping))

Orderable via Patreon
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